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PS Barry: Greener pastures don’t exist in Europe

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard, she said: “The Ministry of Employment has created the environment for employment to be created. Youths are going [back-way] but I think there are a lot of employment opportunities in this country. But like the saying goes, you can force a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink. Government in its efforts has been trying to do things that would engage people, particularly the youths. I think you can all bear testimony to that. When we talk of employment, government cannot employ everybody. What is necessary is for one to be able to maintain oneself and have a livelihood. This is what we have been doing. I think if you follow the news you will know that indeed we have been doing a lot of things.

 “I can tell you that greener pastures don’t exist in Europe, they exist here. Look at what the government has done; look for a group and give them two to three motor cycles, give them start-up capitals, train them and say to them ‘go out there and collect the garbage’. We all know that garbage collection is a problem in this country. Any residential area that you go to, you can have 10 to 15 clients who can pay you up to 500 dalasis a month. If you have 10 people you collect the garbage for, that is 5,000 dalasis a month.” 

Put to her that many young people would have a different view to her assertions, she said: “People are entitled to their opinions but I think that greener pastures are here. I am not making up a story; I am telling you a reality. Before, the Senegalese used to dominate the market in terms of hair dressers. We are a living witness now that we have many students and schools that are operating. Job opportunities abound in The Gambia.”


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