Qatari philanthropist donates D200, 000 worth of food items to villages in Jarra


By Saidou Baldeh

Nouf Faisal, a Qatari-based philanthropist last week donated food items worth over D200, 000 to communities in Jarra as part of his support to families during the month of Ramadan.

The support was provided through Alieu Manjang, a native of Pakalinding and the distribution was coordinated by Ansumana Kinteh, the village’s diaspora liaison officer and implemented by the Village Development Committee. The distributed items include bags of rice, boxes of tea and gallons of cooking oil.


The food aid was provided to high-risk families, second high-risk families and other families.

Also, since the declaration of the Covid-19 outbreak by the World Health Organisation a pandemic and the subsequent announcement of a state of public health emergency by various governments the world over including The Gambia, Alieu Manjang and his Qatari showed no sign of slowing down in their efforts to help and assist the less privilege in this trying times. In this vein, Mr Manjang and his friends continue to lend more helping hands to vulnerable communities in Jarra Pakalinding.

The village’s diaspora liaison, Ansumana Kinteh, who coordinated and supervised the distribution on behalf of Alieu Manjang thanked the sponsors and described the gesture as unique.

“This is a huge support for the community compared to the donation last year because it has been extended to at least three other villages surrounding Pakalinding,” Kinteh said.

Mr Kinteh extended gratitude to Alieu Manjang for facilitating the massive donation and Nouf Faisal for financing it.

Fabakary Fatty, one of the beneficiaries from Tonyataba, thanked Alieu Manjang and the benefactors for their magnanimity and prayed for Allah to shower His blessings on them.

“This donation will without a doubt impact positively his family’s livelihood and ease challenges brought about by the coronavirus in all countries around the globe,” he said.

Fatou Conteh of Sey Kunda expressed joy in receiving the food items, saying the aid will go a long way in supporting her especially during the holy month of Ramadan amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

All the other beneficiaries appreciate the gesture and thank Mr Manjang for always coming to remember them when it mattered the most.