QTV not a threat to GRTS – DG


By Juldeh Njie

The director general of the state broadcaster Ebrima Sillah has said that the coming of QTV is not a threat to GRTS, but rather it could even be a blessing in disguise.
Addressing a symposium at the occasion marking the murder of Deyda Hyadara, Sillah said:
“The digital migration means a lot especially for young journalists as it is an opportunity for them to be absorbed by new broadcasting stations that are soon to be set up as well as provide an opportunity for the Gambians to choose which TV to watch.”

He said some of GRTS’ trained staff may eventually leave for other television stations because the TV is currently faced with outdated technology making it difficult for the national broadcaster to compete with other broadcasters.


“We will not be surprised therefore to see a large movement of our staff to other broadcasting stations but we are fully prepared for this eventuality, and it could be a blessing in disguise.”
DG Sillah said during the former regime, two audit exercises were conducted on GRTS which recommended that because the institution was overstaffed it should get rid of 200 staff.

He said he resisted that because downsizing 200 staff will not only affect the staff but the entire country.
“But now with the advent of the new TV stations, the downsizing can take place with minimal effect because we believe that with the kind of training they have, they can easily be absorbed by other TV stations. That is why I said the coming of new the TV station is rather not seen as a threat but a blessing in disguise,” Sillah added.

He however said the government through various meetings has renewed its commitment to support the national broadcaster to be sustainable and by January, they will also move with the wave length where most of the programs will be seen on satellite.