Rambo is dreaming – Coalition man reacts


By Omar Bah

The Chairperson of the Coalition media team in the West Coast Region, Essa Dampha has responded to opposition APRC deputy leader Rambo Jatta’s controversial assertions that former President Yahya Jammeh will come back to power again.
In his response, Mr Dampha said Rambo Jatta’s ranting clearly showed his immature nature as a politician who engages in pure fantasies and wild imaginations far from reality.

He said if Rambo Jatta and the APRC are wiser they should concentrate on restructuring and reforming their already broken party and stop dreaming of Jammeh ever ruling The Gambia again.
“I want to tell Rambo Jatta to learn from the fact the APRC’s very obsession with their nationally and internationally discredited leader like Jammeh is what is killing the party because Gambians will never give Jammeh another chance on this earth. If they are wiser they should put Jammeh in the rubbish heap where he rightfully belongs and rebrand their party.


“Even for a little child, the very suggestion of Jammeh to rule Gambia again is wasteful thinking. Any wise Gambian would have thought that this current APRC leadership should apologise to Gambians instead of talking about somebody the world is hunting,” he stated.
On Rambo’s criticism of the coalition government, Dampha said the APRC has no moral obligation to criticize the Coalition Government. He said the first achievement for the coalition government has been manifested by the Rambo himself.

“The very fact that he can be accorded freedom of speech to throw his garbage around is indicative of how far Gambia has changed,” Dampha added.