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‘We can impeach the president but….’

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By Kaddy Jawo

The National Assembly member for Wuli West, Sedia Jatta has lamented the contradiction in the present Gambian laws as to the powers of the executive and the legislature.
Speaking at the national assembly, Jatta cited as example that whereas the executive is accountable to the National Assembly and they have the power to impeach the president, Vice President and Ministers, the irony is when parliament makes laws in The Gambia they do not become laws until they are assented to by the president.

“This is fundamentally wrong and should be a cause for concern. No executive should interfere with laws made by parliament. It happens nowhere, only in Gambia,” Jatta stressed, adding that one cannot be a judge and a jury at the same time.
He said parliament supposed to exercise oversights over the executive, adding that it is a constitutional provision that when there is a contention between the executive and the legislature regarding an enactment what the legislature holds is what stands in the final analysis but that is not in the case of The Gambia because the executive makes the final decision when it comes to enactment of laws.

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