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New suspect in Brikama murder arrested

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By Omar Bah

Police on Friday revealed that they might now have the right suspect in the murder of Musa Colley, the young man who was found dead in Brikama last weekend.
The lone new suspect has been named as one Lamin Manneh, a friend of the victim who according to the police has confessed killing Colley, claiming he was drunk.

Manneh was also ironically among the people who attacked the police station on Friday, demanding access to the three people initially arrested on suspicion of murder, with the intention to kill them. That standoff between the mob and police led to heightened tension.
According to IGP Jobe during a press briefing, those initial three; a driver, his apprentice and a girlfriend of the late Musa, have since been set free.

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He said a fresh lead, which exonerated the initial suspects, linked them to Lamin Manneh.
“That is why we must respect the law. What would have happened if we have allowed the mob to kill the people we have initially arrested?” he said.
The police said Manneh claimed he was under the influence of alcohol when he killed Colley.
The police would not however give much details but confirmed that Lamin Manneh will appear before the court as soon as possible.

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