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JJ Tactical eyes huge Gambia investment

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JJ Tactical, a UK registered global security holding company that provides corporates, governments and international agencies with a unique portal to fulfill the highest levels of security requirement in any region or country particularly in complex or hostile situations is hoping to extend its wings to The Gambia.
Last weekend, a senior official of the company Lord Paul Johnson concluded another short visit to The Gambia to explore just that ambition.

Speaking to The Standard, Lord Johnson said his company which is present in dozens of countries across continents, is aiming to invest in the Gambia to build and better her security to the best standard because that in turn will attract more investment in terms of air travel and general economic development.
“Our philosophy is to put money in everybody’s pocket because every government’s objective is to provide security and economic prosperity for its citizens and that’s what we want to help the new government accomplished,” Johnson said

He disclosed that some of the interventions JJ Tactical intends to do in The Gambia is invest and bring investors in the security and other aspects of the economy to achieve fast development.
“We could for example work on the airport to make it very secure and fit to handle world-renowned air carriers that will boost the economy. We also know that this could be complicated but we could restructure the port. We know this could requireadministrative and political will but we hope to get around.
“We also know The Gambia is facing a major international conference, the OIC, and even though we know the country has covered much of the security arrangement but we believed we could offer our services and we can work with them, may be as a satellite.”
Johnson said he has met different governments and relevant officials during his stay and he could be back on his way soon.

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Asked how soon they can start in The Gambia when given the go-ahead, Johnson said they could get started in about a month or two.
“And once we worked to the satisfaction of all, we would leave the day the government wants us to hand over to Gambians,” he said.
JJ Tackling is owned by Chris Brice, a well known security consultant who worked with the world’s famous and powerful including the Royal Family in the UK.

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