Re: Ban these plastic bags NOW!


“The problem is the plastic is non-biodegradable. It does not decompose and will stay in the ground for a hundred years. The whole environment is strewn; littered with these grotesque eyesores. Arguably, they are one of the gravest environmental pollutants in The Gambia at the present time.  Moreover, plastic bags are also believed to be hazardous to aquatic and marine animals, sheep and other ruminants when then they get gobbled in their digestive systems, almost always resulting to their deaths. This is as tragic as it is appalling.”

Emphasis must be on attitudinal change as well as the ban you advocate for. People must be sensitised about the ill effects of these plastic bags, containers and what have you. I believe a majority of Gambians are patriots in the right sense they would want to bequeath a better country to their offspring. If the tide of indiscriminate use of plastic bags is not stemmed, the Gambian earth and waters will be destroyed.



Malamin Hydara