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Re: Halifa Sallah, Madi Jobarteh debate


Dear Editor,

I read with interest Aisha Jallow’s statements in her weekly column, TALES FROM SWEDEN, on The Standard on the debate between Madi Jobarteh and Halifa Sallah.

How can Aisha Jallow state that Halifa has “no guts”? The man who single-handedly STOPPED Jammeh’s “witch-hunt” madness and held the Coalition together in December 2016 and January 2017 when others ran away? No doubt Solo Sandeng was brave, but he said under police arrest that Madi Jobarteh ran away that day as did the Coalition Youth members who were supposed to march with Solo. Solo then went to Tango (where Madi worked) and was locked out.

And what about the “activist” revolutionaries in the USA who sent money that Solo went to Dakar to collect? Where were they when Solo marched alone with just a few supporters that fateful and sad day? You may be proud to be “a warrior too”  Aisha Jallow, but warriors need brains too. Of course, it is complete madness for Madi to call Halifa a “betrayer”. In fact, I think Madi’s “activism” madness since 2017 is an attempt to clear his conscience of his betrayal of solo – a bit like Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth attempting to wash those bloody hands. The question of course is this: why didn’t Madi, who knew of Solo’s plan to march, march with Solo? Why didn’t the other “activists” in USA who encouraged and funded Solo’s “suicidal” march?

That is a question they will not ask, let alone try to answer. Peace

Dida Halake


Open letter to the Commissioner of Traffic Police

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue that I have been observing on a daily basis in our city. I am deeply concerned about the traffic violations that are happening on our streets and the negative impact that they are having on the community.

Specifically, I have noticed that many drivers are deliberately parking their vehicles in the middle of busy streets, obstructing traffic and causing congestion. This is a major problem, as it makes it difficult for other vehicles to pass through, leading to traffic jams and delays.

Additionally, I have also noticed that many passenger vans and taxis are driving on pedestrian walkways, which is not only dangerous for pedestrians but also causes even more traffic congestion. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

I urge you to take immediate action to address these traffic violations. I believe that strict enforcement of traffic laws is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens, and to reduce traffic congestion and delays.

I also suggest that you consider implementing more traffic cameras, and increasing fines for those who violate traffic laws. Additionally, setting up a traffic police station nearby the area would increase visibility of law enforcement, and a better monitoring and control of the situation.

I understand that this is a complex issue, but I am confident that with your leadership and the commitment of the traffic police unit, we can make our streets safer and more efficient for all.

Dr Amadou Kanteh


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