Re: Halifa says Africa will not be part of West’s foreign policy


Dear Editor,

Did Mr Halifa Sallah change any system in the Gambian parliament? Did Mr Halifa Sallah solve the problem of the new constitution?  Did Mr Halifa Sallah refuse to approve loans from international institutions? Did Mr Halifa Sallah even solve any conflict of interest in the parliament? Mr Halifa Sallah should focus on tribalism, corruption, nepotism and stop blowing hot air on less important things. Halifa Sallah is a man of too little importance to advise even Senegal, Mali or Guinea Bissau not to talk of the European Union or the West.

Lamin Cham



Dear Editor,

Well done Honourable Halifa Sallah. You have proved many times that you understand the basis and the foundation of our underdevelopment socially, economically and infrastructurally as Africans in Africa. We need not be drawn into this Russia-Ukraine geopolitical game. Taking sides will definitely affect our lives. Our energy should be concentrated on how to build buffers and resilience against what is to come in the next few years as these three things are likely to occur as a result of the Ukraine war:

1. Decline of globalisation or the emergence of a new form of globalisation;

2. Increased nationalism which will lead to global economic decline;

3. A move towards a multipolar world and its attendant consequences.

African leaders must be prepared for these changes as the likely result could be deepening poverty.

Daramola Temitayo

Abeokuta, Nigeria

Dear Editor,

Less than 10 per cent of Gambians have real education and those educated have only white paper education with no knowledge. Gambians do not know the worth and value of Mr Halifa Sallah and Mr Sidia Jatta of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism. But the Africa Union and the Pan-African Parliament know the value and capability of Mr Sallah and Mr Jatta. That is why they are serving there. As we all know, The Gambia is turning into a shit hole nation because of our tribalism.

Abdoulie Tunkara

Helsinki, Finland

Re: Local cement companies risk closure

from influx of Senegalese cement

Dear Editor,

The only competition is on the price tag. Why is the imported cement cheaper than cement from our local companies? Remember that the poor majority of Gambians also need good housing. Let Gambian cement manufacturers bring down their exorbitant prices to match the income of average Gambians and life goes on.

Ebou Njie


Dear Editor,

The Gambian cement manufacturers can close their factories if they want. They have been persistently increasing the price of cement for no genuine reason than  because they had monopolised the industry. It is not true that their cement is of a better quality than the cement from Senegal. If Senegal is producing low quality cement we would have seen or heard of a lot of building collapses in Senegal, because they build bigger and higher storey buildings than we do.

The government of The Gambia will never support your evil plan. You want to use that number you claimed to have put out of job as an excuse, but could that be compared to the entire Gambian population you have been strangling for all those years?

Lamin Bajinka


Dear Editor,

There is no local cement. No cement is manufactured in The Gambia. The cement is imported and merely bagged in The Gambia. Forget about quality, in a country where everyone is struggling to make ends meet, no one cares about quality. What we need is to get affordable cement products to build homes and live in them with our families.

How can Senegalese cement be cheaper than so-called Gambian imported powder cement? Make your cement 10.0 of quality no one cares.

Lamin Dibba


Dear Editor,

Yesterday I asked price of cement someone said D350 Gasem and D320 for Senegal import. Why? That means the Senegalese cement is even cheaper cuz they have to add profit cost and tax to bring it in the country. But a cement made in Gambia only has tax, staff cost, and cost of operation less the importation fees etc .. Gambian cement should have been D290 to D300. When a competitor comes in you try your best to cut down cost so you too can reduce your prices if not no one will buy your cement. All some business care about is up up up and never down on prices.

Raymond Rasheed Brown