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Re: IATA rejects new charges at Banjul Airport

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Dear Editor,

My Gambian brothers and sisters, President Adama Barrow’s leadership has failed The Gambia and the Gambian people. Under the leadership of President Barrow, our hospitals have collapsed, our public sector has collapsed, our agricultural sector has collapsed and our economy has collapsed. The policies of President Barrow’s government are a recipe for disaster for our present and our future. President Barrow and his cohorts in his government have created nothing   but failure and corruption has become endemic. What is happening now is beyond party politics. The survival of our families and the future of our children are at stake.

President Barrow and his people are working for themselves and the future of their children but not the future and interest of our dear Gambians. This is why we have to demand massive demonstration and call on President Barrow to resign for the future of our country

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Omar Loum


Re: How true is our tolerance

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Dear Editor,

The Gambia, my motherland is changing and crying. Our country was known for peace, love and unity. Respect, dignity and hospitality were the characteristics of the sons and daughters living in The Gambia.

The Gambia is my name, and many histories had been written in my book, just to reflect on few. I was colonised like any other African country living today.

Gained my independence in 1965, became a republic in 1970. I gave birth to many legends who had turned my sand into a greener pasture.

The Smiling Coast of Africa is a name given to my sand because of the peace, love and unity that flows in it.

However, it is a shock and a disbelief flashing like a lightning, seeing that name slipping away. The flowing peace, love and unity are being threatened, making the religious coexistence, tolerance and diversity problematic.

My once loving citizens are turning my sand into a dessert, day and night my tears are flowing. My green grasses are dying and my smiling nature is vanishing, all I see is fighting for self-interest.

Citizens of my great sand, show love and respect for one another than fighting for self-interest. Development is not about majority or minority but unity. Water my sand with peace, tolerance and coexist as one family.

Edward Francis Dalliah

Dear Editor,

Christian schools in Africa, since colonial times, have been about evangelism -introducing students to Christianity AND Christian values. Muslim schools, whether run by locals or Arabs have also always had the same objectives, to promote Muslim values.

So Christian and Muslim schools have the same aim: to impart their values to the students and there is nothing wrong with that

The PROBLEM is that Christian schools in The Gambia have many Muslim pupils. And those Muslim pupils have a constitutional right to express their faith.

The other PROBLEM is that the Christian schools see such expression of faith by Muslim pupils as an attack on Christian schools’ constitutional right to promote their Christian values.

What is the answer?

I leave that to the infinitely superior mind of His Honour Judge Jaiteh of the Banjul High Court.

Dida Halake


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