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Re: Jah oil to suspend cement production

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The Jah Oil cement production is not encouraging at all. The government has given them all the opportunities for them to be able to supply the general population of the country but they failed, and not just that but they also failed to give it to us at a  cheaper price. Guess what, it is cheaper to buy the Senegal imported cement anywhere in The Gambia than to buy the one from any from either of the Gambian factories. Can one imagine that?

Lamin NJjie

Gacem cement is the most powerful cement powder in The Gambia. The Gambia government should stop those businessmen who are importing cement from Senegal and promote our own products. We know that we are in a country of business concurrence. Please lets promote made in the Gambia. The moneys that we spend, will remain in the Gambia. My advice to those Gambian businessmen like Jah Oil and so-on is please improve the qualities not the quantities of the powder.

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Alex-amine Jarju

I can sense something fishy here, having described the good quality of cement that you are producing against cement from the neighboring country, it will be unpatriotic and out of greed that your company cannot put up proper strategies and mechanisms to continue supplying Gambians quality cement rather than resort to low quality cement which is even not recognizsed internationally as you have alluded.

Jallow Idrisa

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Why importing from a far country when you can get it in a neighbouring country. I don’t blame any Gambian who tries better bargain. There should be no monopoly of the sale of any commodities. Jah Oil must come up with marketing strategies to encourage competiveness. When you go to Senegal you see lot of things imported from Gambia. People are price conscious and in the name of helping indigenous business we cannot buy expensive things when there are cheaper ones. Throughout the world governments cannot pin down people to accept prices they cannot afford. I advise Jah OIL to see how to cut cost of production and meet expectations. Jah Oil must not only look at its interests as a company.

Gambia Forward 

We should encourage indigenous business but not at the detriment of poor citizens. Jah oil should work hard and compete effectively with them.

Lamin Danso

This is the problem of this country. Those that are better off always want to monopolise the system so that they can hike prices. If not the cement influx from Senegal by now a bag would have cost 1000. Compete my friend and stop grumbling.

Mortala Ndow

It’s cheaper and not up to standard can’t you people understand. Most of us Africans prefer cheaper than guaranteed stuffs. Thank God in Gambia we don’t have a lot of storey buildings with more than 6 to 20 floors because by using that low quality cement it will be a disaster

Salieu Zaal

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