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By Omar Bah
Yaya Gassama – UDP

Name: Yaya Gassama

Party – UDP

Constituency: Kiang East

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Date of birth:  16 March 1966

Place of birth: Kaiaf

Place of residence: Kaiaf

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Occupation: Teacher and politician

Status:  Married with children

Tribe:   Mandinka

Religion:  Islam

Education: Undergraduate degree (St Mary’s UTG Extension)

Pastime: Reading

Assan Touray

Name: Assan Touray

Party: UDP

Constituency: Bakau

Date of birth: 10th February 1967

Place of birth: Bakau

Residence: Bakau (Madiba Kunda)

Occupation: Politician (hotel worker before entering politics)

Status: Married, 4 children

Tribe: Mandinka

Religion: Islam

Education: Senior Secondary School leaving certificate

Pastime: Football.

Sheriff Sarr

Name: Sheriff Sarr

Party: APRC

Constituency: Jeshwang

Date of birth: 25 February 1971 (51 years old)

Place of birth: Banjul

Residence: Jeshwang

Occupation: Politician (CEO of Sarr construction group)

Status: Married, 4 children

Tribe: Serere

Religion: Islam

Education: Diploma in business management and accounting.

Pastimes: Watching football, playing football, and spending time with my children

AlhagieMbow 2

Name: Alhagie Mbow

Party: NRP

Constituency: Upper Saloum

Date of birth: Dec- 5- 1973

Place of Birth: Panchang CRR North

Residence: Old Yundum

Occupation: Entrepreneur & ICT Specialist

Staus: Married, 5 children

Tribe:  Wolof

Religion: Islam

Education: MSc. & BSc. Computer Information Systems- Kennesaw State University (USA), ASc. Computer Science ( Atlanta Metro College), Cisco- CCNA- Lasting Solutions.  I have completed various training- Diversity and Inclusion, Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing, Organizations Leadership (Completed first year of Doctoral program), Project Management etc

Pastimes: Football- Chelsea

Omar Jammeh Janjanbureh

Name: Omar Jammeh

Constituency: Janjanbureh

Party: Independent

Date of birth: Dec. 23. 1983

Place of birth: Janjanbureh, Central River Region

Residence: Janjanbureh

Occupation: Manager, Janjanbureh Tour Guide Association

Status: Married, 1 child

Tribe: Mandinka

Religion: Islam

Education: Institute of Professional Management and Administration (IPAM) ICM Certificate

Pastimes: Football and volleyball, The Gambia National Teams; no club affiliations

OMAR DARBOE 696x464 1

Name: Omar Darboe

Constituency: Upper Niumi

Party: NPP

Date of birth: 10th July 1979

Place of birth: Niumi Lamin

Residence: Wellingara

Occupation: Politician

Status: Married, 10 children

Tribe: Mandinka

Religion: Islam

Education: Gunjur Primary School, LK Junior School, Muslim Senior Secondary, GTTI, Business Training Center, Gambia College and UTG

Certificates are as follows: Grade 12, Advance level law GTTI, English Language Proficiency intermediate and advance level and Higher Diploma in Agriculture Gambia college

Pastimes: Indoor games like scrabble, football, Manchester United.

Sulayman Saho 1

Name: Sulayman Saho

Party: UDP

Constituency: Central Baddibu

Date of birth:18 Feb 1980

Place if birth: Salikenni

Residence: Salikenni

Status: Married, 4 children

Occupation: Politician

Religion: Islam

Education: HTC, Diploma in gender, Bsc in Agriculture

Pastimes: Drama

Kebba K Barrow

Name: Kebba K Barrow

Party: UDP

Constituency: Kombo South

Date of birth: 25 January 1955.

Status: Married 

Occupation:  Development Worker

Tribe: Mandinka

Religion: Islam

Education: Management Development Institute, Gambia College School of Education, Brikama Junior Secondary School, Gunjur Primary School.

Degree(s) or diploma (s): Diploma in Business Administration and Management., Primary School Teacher’s Certificate and Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

Abdoulie Ceesay

Name: Abdoulie Ceesay

Party: NPP

Constituency: Old Yundum Constituency

Date of birth: 10 April 1984

Place of birth: Wellingara Village

Residence: Wellingara Village

Tribe: Mandinka

Religion: Islam

Occupation: Social Worker

Status: Married, 5 children

Education: Dumbuto LBS, Mingdow UBS, Mingdow SSS, GTTI, MicroTech Institute, UTG studying Development Major

Pastimes I am co-wwner and president of PSV Wellingara FC in the Gambia Second division league, so I am a key supporter of PSV Wellingara, then Man Utd in the UK

Touma 0

Name: Fatoumata Njai

Party: Independent

Constituency: Banjul South  

Date of birth: 30/08/1970

Place of birth: Banjul

Residence:  Banjul  

Occupation: Politician

Status: Married, 3 children

Tribe: Fulani / Moroccan / Mandinka

Religion: Islam

Education: MBA Edinburgh business school, BA in politics and international relations, University of Kent at Canterbury and postgraduate diploma in law, London College of Law

Pastimes: Football, Manchester City and Hawks  

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