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By Omar Bah
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Name: Birom Sowe

Party: NPP

Constituency: Niamina West                                 

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Date of birth: 19 April 1980                               

Place of birth: Sowe Kunda village, CRR  

Residence: Lamin, WCR                      

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Occupation: Politician                                        

Status:  Married       

Tribe: Fula

Religion: Muslim

Education: Armitage Junior and Senior Secondary School, Gambia College, PTC,  HTC, Jollof Tutors – ICT training Foundation, intermediate and advanced  and  University of The Gambia -BSC Information System, PGD Climate Change

Pastimes: Football and I support Chelsea Football Club

Dawda Jeng

Name: Dawda Jeng

Constituency: Niamina East Constituency

Party: NPP

Date of birth: 08/01-1994

Place of birth: Kerewan Demba Village

Residence: Banjulinding

Occupation: Businessman

Status: Married

Tribe: Fula

Religion: Muslin

Education: Gambia High School (W.A.S.S.C.E) MDI, (Certificate, Diploma1 Diploma2 Advance Diploma in Banking and Finance)

QIT (Elementary Certificate Advance Diploma in MS Applications) and UTG (LLB Law In progress)

Pastimes: Football, I support Fortune FC in The Gambia’s 1st Division and internationally, I support Chelsea FC

Modou Lamin B Bah

Name: Modou Lamin B. Bah

Constituency: Banjul North

Party: UDP

 ate of birth: 17th March, 1987

Place of birth: Banjul

Residence: Sheikh Omar Faye Street, Banjul

Occupation: Businessman

Status: Married, 6 children

Tribe: Fula

Religion: Muslim

Education: Graduate diploma in Business Management and Administration, Diploma in Human Resource Development- Nanchang University in China, Diploma in Diplomacy and International Relations

Favourite pastimes: Football, fishing and reading

Hon. Samba Jallow

Name: Samba Jallow

Constituency: Niamina Dankunku

Party: NRP

Date of birth: 02/02/74

Place of Birth: Gissadi village

Residence: Fajikunda

Status: Married, 3 wives, 8 children

Tribe: Fula

Religion: Islam

Education: Kaur Senior Secondary School, Diploma on Peace and Conflict Resolution

Pastimes: Football, reading and I support Manchester United

Madi Ceesay

Name: Madi M.K. Ceesay

Constituency: Serekunda West

Party: UDP

Date of birth: May 5 1957

Place of birth: Perai Village                                              

Status: Married, 4 wives

Education: Cooperative Training center, Yundum     – Certificate of Cooperative Studies, Thomson Foundation,(Gambia) – Certificate in Reporting Skills, Commonwealth Press Union (Ghana)  – Certificate, In Economic & Financial Writing, Union of African Journalists ( (Egypt) – Certificate of Award, Mass Communication, Commonwealth Press Union (Gambia) – Certificate, in News writing, Indiana University USA – Diploma in Journalism, CTJC – Diploma in Proof reading, Commonwealth Press Union (Gambia)          – Certificate, in Newsroom Management and Latrikunda  Secondary School,      Secondary School Leaving certificate.

Sainey Jawara

Name: Sainey Jawara

Party: NRP

Constituency: Lower Saloum

Date of birth: 7th July 1988

Place of birth: Kaur Janneh Kunda

Residence: Sanchaba SulehJobe

Occupation: Politician

Status: Married, 3 children

Tribe: Mankinka

Region: Islam

Education: Kaur Senor Secondary School, WASSCE, Nusrat Management Institute, Certified Accounting Technician (CAT level 1 and intermediate). Computer based stills (software and database).

Pastimes: Football and I support Chelsea

amadou camara Nianija NRP 1

Name: Amadou Camara

Constituency: Nianija

Party: NRP

Date of birth: 25th/01/1991

Place of birth: Sarre Janko

Residence: Sinchu Alhagie

Occupation: Public and Environmental Health Officer

Status: Married, 2 wives, 3 children

Tribe: Fula

Religion: Islam


1. GABECE – Chamen Basic Cycle School

2. WASSCE – St Peter’s Technical Senior Secondary School

3. Gambia College – Higher National Diploma in Public and Environmental Health

4. University of The Gambia – BSC (Hons) in Public and Environmental Health Sciences

Pastimes: Football and I support Manchester United

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