Name: Momodou S Wan – GDC

Date of birth: 14 November 1984

Place: Darussalam village


Occupation: Regional staff at Red 3 Kerewan

Marrital status: Married, with 2 children

Tribe: Fula

Religion: Islam

Education: Bansang Primary, Bansang, Berending, Kuntaya Junior, Kuntaya SSS, Gambia College-PTC, diploma

Favourite pastimes: Football and supporter of Darussalam team and Liverpool

Why should the constituents vote for you instead of your opponents?

I want to represent them at the National Assembly in a manner that nobody has done before in the interest of Upper Niumi. I know the problem the area is facing and I am sure I will be able to be a voice for my constituency. I will also use my allowances to support the district with basic needs.