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City of Banjul
Friday, February 23, 2024


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Name: Ali Cham – PDOIS
Date of birth: 1st January 1992
Place of birth: Prince village
Place of residence: Prince village.
Occupation: Teacher
Marrital status: Married, with 2 children.
Tribe: Wolof
Religion: Islam
Education: Prince LBS, Kerr Cherno Omar UBS, Kerr Cherno Omar Technical SSS, Gambia College-PTC and GTTI-HNC, HTC in Engineering.
Favourite pastimes: Football (local football)

Why should the constituents vote for you instead of your opponents?
I will serve the constituents to the best of my ability in all aspects regardless of party line, ethnicity, religion or location. In a nutshell, I will put people’s interest first before anything else during my entire tenure, if I am elected.

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