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Name: Mamadou M Jallow – GFA

Date of birth:11th September 1986

Place of birth: Kerr Mama Village

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Residence: Kerr Mama

Marrital status: Married, with 3 children

Tribe: Fula

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Religion: Islam

Education: Kerr Mama LBS, Kerr Mama UBS, Essau SSS, Gambia College-PTC, IOU

Occupation: Teacher

Favourite pastimes: Football, Man United supporter

Why should the constituents vote for you instead of your opponents?

The Upper Nuimi Constituency’s right candidate is me. Based on the fact that out of the six candidates, I am the only one who has a manifesto that addresses the concerns of Upper Nuimi. I am the one who is actively participating in unifying the youths of Upper Niumi through sports. I also served as a teacher in Upper Nuimi. My educational and social responsibility in Upper Nuimi and my manifesto really prove that I am the right candidate.

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