Real de Banjul are refusing to get distracted by  unnecessary provocations and change of mood by their host  ES Setif, despite a friendly accord signed by the two teams to take care of each other’s visitors during their qualifying tie.

While they were in Banjul, ES Setif paid nothing on accommodation, transportation or training facilities, all of which were taken care of by Real, with the Algerians promising to reciprocate Real’s generosity in the return leg.

But yesterday, both Real De Banjul and GFF officials complained in social media messages from Setif that the Algerians had been charging 80 dollars for each training session Real conducted and on one occasion they even refused them entry to train on the pitch there.


However, the Gambian champions are not bothered. An official told The Standard yesterday that Real have decided to continue their show of maturity by remaining composed cool and collected, as they await tomorrow’s battle royale.

“What is important is to let our boys do the talking on the pitch. The Algerians are trying to distract us but they will not succeed. If we are to lose, tomorrow, it will be out of our own limit and capacity but not due to unnecessary provocation. Besides we are in touch with Caf in case things get out of hand,” a senior Gambian football official told The Standard.

Meanwhile a credible source has also told The Standard that the match will be broadcast 

on TV A3 of Algeria beginning 5pm tomorrow Friday.