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Religious leaders must refrain from politics – Bundung Imam

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By Amadou Jadama

Ebrahima Sarr, the Imam of Bundung Bahamas has called on religious leaders to distance themselves from politics.
Delivering his sermon on the observance of the Muslim feast of Tobaski, the Imam said: “We need to practise Islam in accordance with the principles stated in the Qur’an and avoid inciting disunity.”
The Bundung Imam, who observed Tobaski on Wednesday said it was wrong for anyone to conclude that Tuesday was the right date for Tobaski, adding that only God can determine that.
He added that what was important was for Muslims to follow the rites taught by the Quran on such a day, example slaughtering of rams. He said religious leaders must avoid causing confusion by politicising issues dealing with religion. He stopped short of naming names.

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