‘Cabinet reshuffle aimed at silencing critics’


By Omar Bah

The self-styled leader of the so-far unregistered All People’s Party, Omar Beyai, has said that President Adama Barrow’s decision to reshuffle his cabinet was politically motivated and unjustifiable.
Beyai said the Gambian leader’s decision to sack Omar Jallow and redeploy former VP Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang to Foreign Service is an indication that his decision was driven by the fact that they were the only two who openly spoke about the three-year transition.
“OJ has been very outspoken about the three-year transition and he had always maintained that President Barrow should step down after three years,” Beyai said in a Standard exclusive.


He said the president’s decision to sack OJ and redeploy Tambajang to the Foreign Service is clearly meant to silence whoever may desire to push the agenda for him to quit after three years.
“It is evident from his last meeting with the press that he is not willing to entertain anyone who is against the five-year agenda,” he said.

Beyai said there is no one in the current cabinet who can better serve as agriculture minister than OJ Jallow, given his experience in the same ministry during the first republic.
Beyai accused the Gambian leader of forgetting that he has been put in place by a coalition government and not by a party.

Mr Beyai however believed that Mr Ousainu Darboe was more influential as foreign Minister than as vice President which he said is just a shadow of the president.
“I think Barrow’s actions are intended at consolidating himself for the future post transition period. That’s the way I see things,” he added.