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Roots concludes annual consultative forum with stakeholders

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By Olimatou Coker

The Resilience of Organization for Transformative Smallholder Agriculture (ROOTS) project on Wednesday held a 2-day annual consultative forum 2022 with its key stakeholders at 2 days forum held in Mansakonko Area Council hall in LRR.

The forum served as a platform for learning and knowledge sharing amongst key project stakeholders from the national regional and community level.

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The forum is also designed to encourage inclusivity in project approaches, providing equal opportunity for targeted stakeholders to contribute towards evaluating project activities and achievements, as well as sharing best practices to collectively improve the quality and timeliness of project implementation.

Speaking, Momodou Lamin Darboe, Regional Agricultural Director of LRR, said in LRR ROOTs is not operating in an isolation they are operating in cordial relations with them.

“Since the coming of ROOTS in LRR here, they have helped our farmers in different ways, and we really glad and appreciate what they have done for us here.”

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He added that ROOTS is also helping the movement of agriculture in a position way.

Mamour Aliue Jagne, Project Director of ROOTS “this consultative forum is very important because it is the opportunity to gather together all our stakeholders, the project beneficiaries, but also our implementing partners in order to receive feedback about how we are implementing the project and what can be improved.”

Project Director Jagne, said they are here to report on how they have been implementing the project. But more importantly, they are here to listen receive feedback learn, and improve.

He encouraged all the participants to take an active part in the discussion and to give their feedback about how project implementation can be improved.

Fatou Jammeh Touray, Permanent Secretary Project and Program at the Ministry of Agriculture, said the ministry of agriculture is horned to have ROOTS as a project because they are seeing the ROOTS project as a game changer.

Roots are well implemented and will surely be a changer towards food self-sufficiently in the country.

Aliue Sowe, National Coordinator of the (NACOFA) “This is an initiative which is in the right direction by implementation, there is the need to share information, there is the need to look outward and see what has successfully taken and what are the weaknesses and to come up with tangible recommendations that will take the project forward.”

He said the whole country is looking up this particular project, so the successful implementation and the realization of the objectives of this one is indeed paramount to the people especially that are here in this very important hall.

He added that this particular project has improved the livelihood of the farmers. “For example, we are very much aware that the project is even more institutional strengthening, more support to farmers organizations, at epic level or even regional lever or community level. So this trend is continuing is improving, making organizations orderly once more relevant composted as to what is expected in their own responsibility as mentioned.”

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