Sabally accuses president of neglecting youths

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By Alagie Manneh

Momodou Sabally, the opposition UDP campaign manager has said the welfare and the general advancement of Gambian youths has never been a priority for President Barrow, or his government.

Speaking in an audio exclusively shared with The Standard, Sabally added that President Barrow and his youth minister would not even be able to quantify the number of young people without jobs in the country, talk less of plans to have them employed.


“They have no plans for the youths most of whom have great potentials and full of skills. But, look at it, we don’t even have a decent football field for them and that is why we lost the Afcon Under-20 final to Senegal. Even our home games, we play them in Senegal. Right now, Gambian international players are going to Morocco to play our home game there. This is unprecedented. It never happened before, not under Jawara or Jammeh. It is Barrow who brought about this bad administration in the country that benefits no one but he alone together with his ministers. So, Gambian youths, open your eyes and take notice of the reality,” Sabally said.

He added that the upcoming elections should be a lesson and a chance for all youths to teach Mr Barrow a lesson, and nobody should be left behind in that crusade. “We need a record voter turn-out to change this country and we must salvage this country from Barrow before he destroys it completely,” he said.

Mr Sabally said it is the UDP that can advance The Gambia on the principles of honesty and good governance. “A vote for any of Barrow’s candidate is a vote for Barrow, because after all, a cat and his kitten are all cats,” Sabally teased the NPP.

He noted further that even those in the NPP have seen the light and have realised that Barrow is not governing the right way and that he is destroying the country.

Mr Sabally said President Barrow has demonstrated over and again that he cannot be trusted. “Have you seen what he did to Ahmad Gitteh? Yes, some of you are with him, but having seen what he did and continues to do, quit his party and let’s salvage The Gambia. The country at this stage really needs salvation,” Sabally said.