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Sabally says Saul Badjie was more powerful than even VP

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By Baba Sillah

Former secretary general, Momodou Sabally has disclosed that General Saul Badjie, one of the most trusted aides of Jammeh was even more powerful than the former Vice President, Isatou Njie-Saidy.
Sabally, who was summoned by the Janneh Commission in connection with the contract between MGI telecom company and the government for the management of Gamtel international gateway which he signed as the then SG, however said he would not say the exiled general was a co-president but he could comfortably say that he was even more powerful than the country’s number two.

Testifying before the inquiry on MGI contract, he said he was called at Kanilai where he met the former president, former managing director of Gamtel, Baboucarr Sanyang, Bala Jassey, a gentleman from Switzerland and General Saul Badjie for MGI to take over the management of the gateway.
According to him, an agreement was reached for MGI to take over the gateway which included the technical aspect of the contract and proceeds were sent into the government account and MGI also had a share.
However, Sabally said he could not remember whether there were specific fees that MGI supposed to receive, further stating that Jammeh decided to terminate the contract of TELL but he was not privy to the reason.
Sabally said he believed that General Saul Badjie had an influence on the said contract, noting that Gamtel contracted the gateway management to MGI.

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He said they signed an agreement and MGI took over the management of the gateway, further stating that after one month, he did not see the said gentleman from Switzerland.
Mr Sabally said he called the Gamtel MD at the time and told him that revenues were not being paid and further forwarded his concern to Jammeh who promised to take care of the issue.
Sabally said Jammeh however downplayed his constraint and he was later sacked.
He acknowledged that he signed the agreement but could not remember the terms and conditions of the contract neither could he recall the date he signed the contract.

He added that he did not seek legal advice and could not remember who were present at the time of signing the contract, adding that it was possible that the contract he signed was missing.
He further said that it was the responsibility of Gamtel to protect the interest of the government, further noting that he was aware that an account was opened by the office of the former president.
He said he did not know whether Jammeh requested for an incentive for terminating the contract with TELL.
He said he believed that his dismissal partly had to do with the contract, noting that any time the gateway was changing hand, he would not be involved.
Sitting continues today.

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