‘Waa Juwara should take a break’


By Amadou M Jadama

Foday Gassama, the United Democratic Party Regional Coordinator for West Coast Region has said Lamin Waa Juwara is a political spent force who should take a break and breathe the fresh air of freedom.
Gassama was responding to Juwara’s latest claims that UDP party Leader, Ousaainou Darboe is in a way responsible for Jammeh’s 22 years in power.

Speaking to The Standard on Friday, Gassama said: “I totally disagree with Juwara on that point because Darboe is a symbol of the entire struggle who sacrificed his life. I want to ask Mr. Juwara where he was when Darboe and his executive took to the streets to demand the release of Solo Sandeng and others.
“Juwara was scared of Jammeh that is why he cross-carpeted to APRC, and in so doing he and not Darboe, is responsible for Jammeh’s longevity in power.”
Gassama called Juwara a coward who could have stayed in the opposition camp rather than joining the APRC regime.


Gassama argued that Juwara’s reason of joining the APRC, purportedly to save his life is not genuine.
“Juwara played political opportunism in joining Jammeh and he should now take a break and even praise the Coalition members and leave Ousainou Darboe alone,” Gassama concluded.