Sabally unfazed by Jawara’s D8 million defamation suit

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By By Binta A Bah

Business tycoon Abubakary Jawara has sued former Secretary General and now a prominent figure in the United Democratic Party for defamation, all relating to statements allegedly published on his Facebook page.

The suit brought by Jawara’s lawyers is claiming damages for defamation, an order of D8 million for special damages and an order directing Sabally to issue an apology to their client which should be published in widely circulating newspapers.


Speaking to The Standard, Momodu Sabally reacted: “I have been served a defamation summons; and surely this move is ill conceived and malicious.

It seeks to threaten and restrict a fundamental democratic, constitutional and human rights value, i.e the right to freedom of opinion and expression, especially on matters of serious public interest.

I remain unfazed and even more resolute in speaking my mind about matters of public interest without fear of any malicious attempts to silence me.

I am determined to robustly and vigorously defend myself at any level.”

In his affidavit statement, Jawara said Sabally on different times on the 11th of January 2021 ‘falsely’ and “maliciously” published several defamatory statements about him on his Facebook page. According to Jawara, these words were intended to mean that he is amongst those supplying the Gambian youth with illicit and dangerous drugs saying Sabally’s words were calculated to tarnish his character in society affecting his business.

“These falsely publicized statements have wrongly disparaged me and my standing in society. The defendant’s defamatory acts have caused the public and the right thinking members of society to think less of me,”he wrote in his affidavit, stating those who read the  publications will think that he is an  “unconscionable” mercenary who was into gun-running and drug trafficking. It also states his son, Muhammed Jawara also suffered rejection and belittling from his peers.

The case will be heard in court in November.