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Securiport explains why airport fees ‘remain unchanged’ at USD20


Securiport last evening released a statement assuring the public and the government that civil aviation and border security fee at Banjul International airport has not changed.

The statement clarified that the fee has not been changed and attribute the mixed messages coming out to a “miscommunication”.  

The release from the US-based company explained: “Securiport would like to reassure the Ministry for the Interior and the public that there has been no increase in the civil aviation and border security fee at the Banjul International Airport. We would also like to emphasise that the fee, as agreed upon in the contract, remains at US$20 and that the change in local currency is due to the currency exchange rate. Currently, the exchange rate stands at D1,200 for US$20, as opposed to the previous rate of D1,000 which is now US$16.70. The D1,000 was collected when the exchange rate was equivalent to US$20. Whether in local currency or foreign currency, the contract stipulates US$20 for the civil aviation and security fee. The currency exchange for those paying in foreign currency (US dollars and euros) had to be equivalent to the amount of US$20,” the statement explained.

Securiport stated that it “deeply regrets the confusion that this miscommunication has created”.

“We continue to work with the government of The Gambia to resolve the issue of the fees to finally be included in the ticket price. We understand the importance of maintaining transparency and fairness in our operations, and to that end, we are committed to engaging in thorough discussions with the Ministry for the Interior to promptly rectify this miscommunication.

“While upholding our contractual obligations, we will continue to work diligently to ensure the security and safety of travellers arriving at and departing from Banjul International Airport,” it stated.

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