Sedat Jobe warns Barrow against making acrimonious comments

Sedat Jobe warns Barrow against making acrimonious comments


By Amadou Jadama on UDP tour

Seasoned diplomat and former foreign minster, ML Sedat Jobe has advised President Adama Barrow to avoid taking the country’s political discourse to backward topics and focus on telling the Gambian people what his government has done since coming to power.

Jobe, a senior member of the opposition UDP, was speaking to The Standard in between meetings in the party’s current tour.


Mr Jobe, whose last job was ambassador to France, said petty talks can only feed acrimony in politics and are not expected from a head of state.

He said Mr Barrow’s comments and behavior  confirm that he is not fit to be head of state and it should be a duty for every mature person to ensure he is voted out.

Jobe said the signs are already there that the UDP stands the biggest chance to effect that change and therefore people who want a better Gambia should  vote for the party.

“Wherever we went on this tour people come out with slogan that ‘he must come down’, a reflection of their dissatisfaction with Barrow. The reason for this is not far to see.

Barrow has betrayed his own party UDP, because everyone knew that he would have never been president if he was not supported by UDP. He has also betrayed the Gambian people.

“Barrow’s focus should have been to visit the medical facilities to know firsthand how bad the situation with our health care system is.  He should also visit all military barracks to know any problems and solve them so that the soldiers can have confidence in him. Barrow has failed in all these areas”, Jobe said.

Jobe added that if the massive dissatisfaction about Barrow is translated into votes, he may even lose his deposit.