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By Omar Bah
& Amadou Jadama

The interim leader of the opposition APRC has alleged that government officials are using vehicles seized from his party.
Speaking at a press conference Saturday, Fabakary Tombong Jatta said his party has become “a target” of the Barrow government and that they have been starved of their resources as part of a calculated strategy to weaken them.
The government had claimed that the seized APRC vehicles were purchased using taxpayers’ money by former president, Yahya Jammeh.
He said both the police and President Barrow himself promised to investigate the whereabouts of the vehicles during a meet-up with him.
Jatta said at least nine 0f the seized vehicles, were donated by APRC sympathisers including one Mr Jah, a business magnate.
“Last year we wrote a letter to the police and they promised that the issue of the vehicles will be investigated, but still we have not heard anything from them. We have also taken the issue with the president but he has not done anything yet,” he queried, asking for an expeditious return of the vehicles.

The former Assembly majority leader also called on the government to ask the Ecomig forces in the country to leave, saying “The Gambia is not in a war and that it cannot rely on Ecomig for its security forever. It is only Gambians who can ensure there is security in this country.”
He said some of the activities by the Ecomig forces in the Fonis is compromising the sovereignty of the country.
“It is time we reflect and make comparison between the APRC and the Coalition government in terms of human rights,” he added.

Support for Saine
He said although the APRC does not condone tribalism the party “stands all the way” with former Banjul parliamentarian Abdoulie Saine in “this trying times” for him.
Saine is being arraigned for spewing vitriol against Mandinkas in a Whatsapp audio message that went viral and upped the mercury of tribal tension in the country.
Jatta accused the Barrow administration of perpetuating “a system of divide and rule in their dealings with supporters of the APRC”.

He said since coming into office, rank and file APRC members were either arrested or invited to police for questioning based on comments they made.
“I, Seedy Njie, Omar Touray, Omar Sanneh and Lie Saine have all been called to the police for remarks we made. Is this not selective justice?
“Tribal sentiments in Whatsapp groups were first started by supporters of the UDP but so far we have not heard of any arrest and yet we call this rule of law. We want to call on the police to ensure that all those who were promoting tribal hatred are brought to book or else we will be made to believe that there are people who are manipulating the system and that is the worst part of government,” he queried.

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