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By Omar Bah

The Senegalese High Commissioner to The Gambia, Bachirou Sene has commended government’s recent decision to ban timber trade, saying the move is significant in the relationship between the two countries especially in the fight against the separatist MFDC rebels.

“I hail President Adama Barrow’s decision on the MFDC and the ban on the timber trade. These are very important decisions and I want to extend my warmest gratitude to him for taking them especially at these crucial times. This is what will take the two countries forward,” Ambassador Sene told Leeral TV.


The diplomat also renewed calls for the Senegalese community in The Gambia to continue embracing their Gambian brothers and sisters and avoid violating the country’s laws. He said the Senegalese people residing in the country should always remember that they are living with great people who are welcoming and accommodative.

“I also appeal to the Gambian people to continue opening their hearts to accommodate other nationals living here, especially their Senegalese brothers and sisters. It is only when we are united that we can together confront our challenges,” he said. He said it is gratifying for him that only 20 Senegalese nationals are currently in conflict with the law in The Gambia

He said President Macky Sall had advised him to take the relationship between the two countries very seriously.

“My number one task should be fostering the already existing relationship between the two countries and since I came here that has been my preoccupation,” he said.  Ambassador Sene said President Barrow and the people of The Gambia have been very helpful to him.

“It is also gratifying to see The Gambia progressing in its new-found democracy. The last presidential election has really demonstrated the maturity of the country’s democracy and its people,” he said. The diplomat said The Gambia should serve as an example to other African countries to ensure peace and stability in the continent.

“I pray that the mutual understanding between the two countries continues to grow from strength to strength. I want to send special appreciation to the people of both countries and pray that God continues to protect our two nations and presidents,” he said.

Ambassador Sene urged Senegalese residing in The Gambia to come out in their numbers and vote in this month’s National Assembly elections.