Senegalese arrested for arson in Kerr Mot Ali


By Alagie Manneh 

A Senegalese national is in police custody in connection with last month’s assault on the restless border village of Kerr Mot Ali.

In May, the village became the scene of violence after an alleged arson on two houses sparked tension between the Gambian and Senegalese sides of the village, reopening a deep-seated animosity between the peoples. Security personnel were deployed to restore calm and order in the village. The Gambian side later accused their siblings in the Senegalese end of setting the houses on fire.


One of the suspected attackers, police said, is a 56-year-old Senegalese, one Sagar Ceesay Secka, arrested yesterday in the Gambian village.

“He was said to be part of a group of disciples of one Serigne Basirou Seck in Kerr Mot Ali Senegal, who attacked Kerr Mot Ali Gambia and set some houses ablaze,” police deputy spokesman, Inspector Alieu Jamanka confirmed the arrest.

He said Mr Sagar has been at large since the violent assault last month, but a secret warning to police ensured his arrest last Sunday.

“He was apprehended on Gambian soil. The man has a farm in The Gambia, and so he crossed the border to come and clear his farm for the rainy season. That was when we got a tip-off and our officers sprang into action and got him,” the deputy police spokesperson said. 

Sagar is charged with arson and conspiracy to commit felony. If convicted for arson alone, under Gambian laws, he would face life imprisonment.