By Mafugi Ceesay

The Senegalese High Commissioner to The Gambia, Bassirou Sène has issued a strong warning to Senegalese resident in The Gambia to stay away from meddling in the country’s December presidential election.

Talk of foreign interference in the country’s electoral process has been rife since the beginning of the 2021 electoral cycle.


At a recent handing over of an ambulance to the Senegalese community in the country donated by President Macky Sall, the top diplomat stressed: “The Gambian election is for the Gambian people and you [Senegalese] do not have any right to participate in it. They [Gambians] are the only ones who have the right [to participate], so please stay away. I am warning you, because if you get into trouble due to your participation it is your business and no one will come to your rescue because you brought it upon yourself,” High Commissioner Sène warned.

High Commissioner Séne, who started his tour of duty in 2019, urged his compatriots to continue  nurturing the peace and stability of The Gambia and to abide by the dictates of the country’s laws.

“Anyone who is Senegalese residing in The Gambia, I am urging you to stay on the job that brought you to The Gambia and stay off the elections. You [Senegalese] are here to work and it [election] is none of your business,” the High Commissioner reiterated.

Meanwhile, High Commissioner Sène has embarked on a country-wide tour to meet the Senegalese community and discuss issues and challenges they face.