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Orientation Day

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I was just seventeen,

Ten and seven,

When I had a dream,

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A journalism dream

A dream in the media,

A dream to disseminate news

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A dream to be a broadcaster

A dream of NYIMA BAH on the byline

Yes, it was a dream

Then, I got accepted into UTG

Yes, to study journalism

Ever thought of butterflies in the stomach?

Hell yeah, I had butterflies in my tummy!

It’s January 8th 2018

I woke up to a beautiful morning,

With a smile,

Birds chipping,

Cocks crowing,

I rubbed sleep off my eyes

Stood, stretched and excited

Like a child’s first day in school

It was already 6am

I jumped off bed and stood at my window

Viewing the morning beauty

As the Northern star disappeared

Into the midnight blue sky

Paving way for a new day

Donned in immaculately garlie pink dress

With blue shoes to match

UTG, here I come!

At the school premises

Filled with students

Freshmen and seniors

All neatly dressed

In the orientation room

Got seated in the first row

A 5’6 man walked in

With a lady, the admin officer

The man, holding files in his right hand

Is the Dean

And with a bright smile

He tasked us to introduce ourselves

I did, everyone did

Which followed a boring lecture on ethics

Meant to inspire

And not to despair

Long or short,

Boring or interesting

It was clear journalism chose me

It is my CALLING

I answered,

On orientation day.

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