Serekunda Health Centre holds annual data review, award ceremony


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By Aisha Tamba

Serekunda Minor Health Centre recently ended the 2nd edition of data review and the awarding of staffs ceremony at the hospital’s grounds in Serekunda.
The data review was initiated to verify data records of health care activities conducted under year review, including records of registered pregnant women, detected cases of TB, high-blood, diabetes, malaria prevention and their coverage targets.
Speaking on behalf of the Regional Director of Health Services – Western Region, Jeandare Jarju Kujabi, regional principal nursing Officer, said health care data plays a vital role in the planning, development and maintenance of health care services
“Quality improvement and the timely dissemination of quality data are essential if we the health professionals wish to maintain health care at an optimal level. Of recent, data quality has become an important issue, not only because of its importance in promoting high standards of patient care, but also because of its impact on government budgets for the maintenance of health services.”


She added that authorities at all levels of health care, including hospitals, health facilities, community health centres, outreach posts, as well as the ministry or program level, should be concerned about poor data quality and the impact it has on the quality of health care.
“In many instances, administrators are dogged by poor medical health record documentation, large backlogs of medical records waiting to be coded and inconsistent coding, plus poor access to and utilisation of accurate and accessible morbidity data.

“These concerns not only relate to the quality of medical health record documentation but also to the collection of health care statistics at all levels, from the hospital to the smallest clinic or outreach post. At the hospital or clinic level, statistics are used to assess how much services are being used to enable the facility to make appropriate financial and administrative plans, and to conduct vital research,” she said.
She tasked awardees to continue working “much harder” by providing the best quality of care to patients at all times.

“You are chosen among the lot as the most deserving staff of the facility for 2017 year,” she told the awardees. “To be awarded you must bear in mind that you will be monitored and assessed for the future as you have a responsibility to carry as health professionals.”