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Sick Gambian ‘left to die’ by Italian authorities

Hundreds of Gambian migrants and Italians have yesterday taken to the streets in the Italian city of Napoli to protest the death of their colleague Ebrima Manneh who, they said, was left to die without being attended to by doctors after an unknown illness.


Chanting “no more racism”, hundreds of Gambians were joined by Italians marching and demanding that government investigate the circumstances surrounding Manneh’s death.
The protest which was live-streamed on Facebook has caught people arguing “we are being discriminated daily”.
The demonstrators said Manneh has suffered a complicated sickness but the taxi driver reportedly said he needs a permission before he can “take any black man to hospital”.


They also said they called an ambulance but they claimed they can’t come because Manneh is a black man.
“Share this video and let the world knows what is happening to blacks here is crimes against humanity,” one of the protesters said, as it was being livestreamed.
“We want equal treatment.”
There are thousands of Gambians who are currently in Italy, some of whom are in refugee camps.

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