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SIS boss speaks on tour

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By Mustapha Darboe

The director general of the State Intelligence Services Ousman Sowe has praised the security cooperation between The Gambia and Senegal, saying it has yielded positive results.
Sowe was speaking at a press briefing after a tour across the country meeting the stakeholders and assessing its security situation.

“During this tour we were in McCarthy which coincided with the Wassu incident when we received a call that some suspected robbers were apprehended around Tamba Kunda. When I got the message, I reached out to our Senegalese counterparts to give us access to see whether those were the people we were looking for. Within 20 minutes, we were given access and our agents were allowed to see the suspects across the border,” the intelligence chief said.

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He said his delegation was well received throughout the tour. “The reception we have had is positive and people are very re-assured and comfortable with the SIS as opposed to the past when if you mention NIA people will run for cover,” he said.

Sowe said they have also met several security installations across the country to discuss with staff on the mandate of the regional forces in Gambia.
“We have also taken time to talk to people on the four mandates of ECOMIG forces in the country. This is important because ECOMIG is part of our current security arrangement and they have an important role to play,” he added.

Sowe said the country is secure and there is not imminent threat to be worried about, adding that they were encouraged with what they have seen during their tour.
He said their delegation held meetings with communities, public institutions, security institutions and concern government officials including the vice president.
“SIS must be seen as a partner and a helper. We must not be seen to be here to hurt. We must be here to help,” he said.

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