SIS clarifies terrorism comments


The director of Counter Terrorism and Legal Affairs at the State Intelligence Services (SIS) has clarified that his comments contained on The Standard’s yesterday edition that he “goes to bed everyday thinking there is going to be a bomb somewhere” was blown out of proportion.

The comment elicited a lot of reactions on the social media with many stating it was unduly alarmist.

But speaking to The Standard last evening, Director Modou Lamin Jallow said Gambians have nothing to fear because the country has no such security threats.


“There is no terrorist threat or attacks in any form in The Gambia. That comment was borne out of the need to reflect the realities of terrorist present in the region of which The Gambia is part. Hence the concerns or the fear but there is nothing to worry about as far as The Gambia is concerned. I profoundly apologise to all those who were affected or concerned by the comment and I assure you that the SIS is ever committed to ensuring the peace and security of the country at all times,” Jallow said.