SJAG assembly signals new found unity


The amendments were proposed by a review committee which defended the changes as necessary to usher in much-needed vibrancy and cohesion. 

Henceforth, voting at elections should be by media houses represented by at least three delegates, instead of each member having a vote.

Also, in a bid to regulate membership and give it a semblance of ethics, all members, who must now be staff or freelance reporters and photographers of media houses, should seek fresh membership by filling a form and pay subscription fees pegged at D500 before July 13.


Delegates took hours of frank discussions to effect the changes and praised a new-found unity among members, described by attendants as key to a successful association. It is hoped that the new changes would help boost income, wipe out cumbersome electoral process and ensure a viable entity of professionals united for a purpose to make work easy for whoever becomes the next executive at elections later this summer.

The assembly was chaired by secretary general Abdoulie Bah, assisted by President Sainabou Kujabi-Njie and others.


By Lamin Cham