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Social security trains staff on report writing, presentation

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By Juldeh Njie

Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation, SSHFC, organised a training for 19 of its staff on report writing and presentation skills.
The four-day training was geared towards enhancing the capacity of the staff in order to help the company in its development aspirations.
Addressing the participants at MDI, Alagie Jarju, director general, MDI, said social security compared to other institutions is highly capacitised.

He called on the participants to make best use of the knowledge gained.
Mohamadou Manjang, managing director, SSHFC said the primary purpose of the training was to build the capacities of the staff “to move from being good to being great.”
Manjang said staff were not only trained “for the sake of training, but to focus on capacity gaps [of the SSHFC] and invest in those areas.”
He said with the knowledge gained, participants will perform better in their various fields.
“We need to build our capacity and make sure that resources are retained in the country. As an institution, our destiny is within our hands. If we do well, we will all do well for the betterment of the country.”

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The Minister of Information, Ebrima Sillah, said the government welcomes “any initiative aimed at improving the capacity of the public servants.” He said this will help realise objectives of the NDP target.
He said the training will expose them [the staff] to the rudimentary concepts of managing their offices through better communication.
“No office will function well if management of information processes are not thought-provoking and do not reflect the strategic orientation of a ministry or department, ” he added.

He said looking at the “difficult situation social security found itself in for the past 22-years, the training serves as a great opportunity for a radical rethink on how offices are managed and run.
He reaffirmed his ministry’s “commitment” in supporting the social and other institutions in building the capacities of their staff.
He said: “…It is important for our people to be trained based on our realities. We can train our own people to implement the pillars of the NDP so that we will not have major hiccups in the process.”

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