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OJ attacks BB Dabo


By Omar Bah

The former interim leader of the PPP, Omar Jallow, (OJ) has said that Bakary Dabo, a former vice president in the Jawara government who recently lost the party’s leadership election to Papa Njie, has no ‘credibility’ to lead the PPP because he had once accused the party’s regime of ‘endemic corruption’.

Addressing a press conference to respond to criticisms of fraud in the recent party congress by a splinter PPP group perceived to be supporting BB, which also called for the leadership to resign, OJ alleged that BB’s credibility was first compromised when he decided to join the AFPRC junta which overthrew a constitutionally elected government he himself served for 13 years as VP and Minister.

“He went with Jawara to Senegal and betrayed him to come back to serve as minister of finance under Yahya Jammeh. A recent testimony at the TRRC is a clear corroboration and manifestation of that terrible mistake he made,” OJ said.
OJ who is perceived to be supporting Papa Njie, further charged that if BB as the second in command under the PPP government for ten years accused that same PPP of endemic corruption “then he himself was the chairman of that endemic corruption.”

“When has he rejoined the PPP after accusing the party of endemic corruption and lack of accountability? It is unfortunate that such people are given chance to lead. If people like him lead this country, we will remain backward. We will never accept people like him anymore; those days are gone. We wanted unity in our party that is why we tolerated and accommodated everybody. We have tolerated him for far too long and enough is enough,” he asserted.

OJ called on the new PPP leadership to take action against BB Dabo and his colleagues for violating the principles of the party.
To illustrate his point OJ produced and circulated a copy of a letter purportedly written by BB to the international community accusing the PPP government of endemic corruption to justify his decision of joining the junta.
“So where is the credibility of this man?” he asked.
OJ also denied claims that he called BB’s wife to ask her to convince BB to accept the ministerial offer from Jammeh, adding that when BB was appointed minister he [OJ] was languishing in jail.

He said BB is not even qualified to be a PPP member because he is still AFPRC since he has not resigned from there. “Ask him whether he has contributed a Butut to the PPP when he was in exile. Ask him how much he contributed for the congress and where was he in the past 22-years. It is unfortunate that these people have forced me to say all these,” OJ said. He further alleged that all the people supporting BB at the congress are UDP supporters. “They live in my former constituency. I was approached to stop them from voting but I ignored that and allowed them to vote. Our congress was the most opened and transparent congress in this country. I was disappointed to hear claims that there were so many irregularities at the congress. I have high respect for BB Dabo but the truth has to be said,” he concluded.

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