TRRC – never again!


Since the commencement of the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC), there have been depressing and completely dispiriting revelations from the different witnesses that are testifying. If what is said there is anything to go by, then one is right to say that our country has been in a woebegone state; at least more than most of us thought or assumed.

As sittings continue, one expects to hear more and more disheartening disclosures, and one hopes that, just like the previous sessions, the forgiving and the reconciliation continue to be the ultimate aim of the TRRC.

However, this commission shouldn’t be one that people should sit, watch and enjoy the stories and close the books. As a people, we owe it to our nation to learn from these testimonies and make sure that no single individual or a group of people take us through that route ever again.


We have showed that dark period our back. We are supposed to forgive, reconcile and rebuild the nation that is almost in shambles. These revelations for instance if stored in an individual and not revealed may be catastrophic, and thus delay the progress of our nation. But if the victim is given a chance to testify everything as it happened and he/she is compensated, then there is a chance of forging ahead and thus lead to the progress of The Gambia. For this country to move, everyone’s effort and contribution is needed.

To the Government, let these revelations be a learning point and make sure that victims who deserve compensation are compensated. It is your obligation to make sure that this country does not go through such a dark period again. Make sure that people are not tortured like those victims testifying at the commission.

Every citizen’s right should be respected and protected at all times. This is what you owe the people of The Gambia.

Never Again!