Soldier who defied Jammeh reinstated


By Lamin Cham

Colonel Aboulie Jatta, the former senior Gambia Armed Forces officer who fled to Senegal to become a leading voice against the tyranny of former President Jammeh, has been reinstated, a Facebook positing on his page indicated yesterday.

In the positing Col Jatta thanked all Gambians and well-wishers who literally campaigned for his reinstatement.
Jatta, who fell out with Jammeh after disagreeing with his methods of divide and rule in the army, won widespread admiration for his patriotic stand and exposure of the former leader’s misrule.
“You belong to the same ethnic background with Yahya Jammeh, which could have been a licence for you to be used by him yet you came out to speak the truth about the true colours of your fellow brother. That is nationalistic character,” one commentator said of Jatta many years ago.


Since the fall of Jammeh, many who followed Jatta’s exposé in Dakar, have called for his reinstatement into the army. Last night, Gambians who learnt of his reinstatement commended the authorities for the decision.