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Sophia makes history with ‘Determination’ album

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With Sheriff Janko

Gambia’s dancehall diva Sophia has made history with the recent release of her debut album titled Determination, being the first female reggae-dancehall album in the country’s history.


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Filled with a diverse collection of songs, the album title speaks for itself, as it is designed to instil courage among youths no matter what the struggles, while reminding them of better days ahead. It also takes listeners through a musical enlightenment, career growth and positive vibes.
Determination in essence transcends societal and age differences, blending hardcore truths and daily realities that display a depth of consciousness way beyond her years.
“I have been through alot, so the album is like a proof that no matter what the struggle and the pains, joy comes in the morning,” she told the Standard Lite.

Stiff competition and slim career prospects for many young artistes especially female, forced many to quit the scene. But for Sophia there is no turning back.
“The crowd was just unbelievable, because a lot of people had already given up on female artistes in the country. The crowd was huge and the respond was just amazing. In short it was a big success” she added.
Throughout the album one could hear her lyrical prowess and passion to change and see the youths taking a better road to success.
Meanwhile, the 10-track album is currently garnering a lot of attention and bringing on a new set of fans for the dancehall sensation.

With a warm reception from her audience, Sophia definitely feels positive about her forthcoming project and looks forward to touring and promoting the Determination album.

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