Mr Sosseh walked into the offices of The Standard newspaper yesterday with a copy of his resignation letter which also contained several reasons for his decision. ‘I submitted my resignation to the GFF since two weeks ago and  I have now decided that by April 1, it should be public knowledge because when we were appointed it was public knowledge so when I decide to go people must equally know and my reasons as well”, he told The Standard. Mr Sosseh Kolley was appointed alongside four others as executive members of the GFF last October. Below we produce Mr Kolley’s resignation letter in full.

” Dear Sir, 

Resignation from the GFF as an ordinary member 


Your letter of October 1t 2015 indicated that I am appointed as an ordinary member of the GFF with no executive mandate. This was the total opposite of the press release sent to the Gambian public, which clearly stated that the five (5) of us were appointed with full executive powers.

2 .In your appointment letter, you stated that “ this decision is premised on your numerous and positive contribution to football development in The Gambia. Moreover, your genuine and firm stance to better management of Gambian football which has been generally acclaimed by all stakeholders including the new executive”.  If this statement is anything to go by, I deeply feel that my contribution cannot be just ceremonial. Which is sadly the case now, because since this appointment, I was hardly consulted or given the opportunity to contribute, despite several attempts to engage the executive.

The majority of the stakeholders endorsed my appointment with open arms with the expectation that I will contribute to the development of our beautiful game. I therefore cannot accept being named as a key contributor without having the opportunity to effectively participate as expected by the football constituency. As a senior citizen, my membership of any institution should be respected, cherished and above all have the opportunity to participate. Minus these, it is pointless to continue to be a rubber stamp member. I will continue to support Gambian football from a differently and save my credibility and name”..