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The Standard has been reliably informed that the much talked about sports levy, expected to raise hundreds of millions of dalasi for the development of sport will be kept and managed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.
The levy, which comes into effect next month would collect a specified amount of money from every local and international call made in the Gambia on all GSM networks.
An expert told The standard that a company like Africell with its huge subscriber base can raise more than D200 million dalasis in a year.

However amid the joy and expression of relief from sports enthusiasts, came concerns and doubts about the judicious utilization of the money.
On Tuesday a credible source informed The Standard that like every other state revenue, the sports levy will be kept by the ministry of Finance, the only government organ constitutionally mandated to keep and disburse all government revenue.
“It is going to be kept at finance. The Sports associations whose projects or activities require funding will have to work with the Ministry of Sports or its agencies to do the necessary requests before funding can be disbursed with all the check and balances. This is what happens with all government revenue and the sports levy is no exception”, said our source.

Asked if monies from the levy will be used for sports development alone, our source said government may decide to fund other things from monies in its custody as long as it is done with proper documentation. “Let us just hope it is judiciously spent .Do you remember the millions Taiwan once gave to State House to fund Gambia national football teams during Jammeh era? Not a single butut from that money ever reached the GFF or the national teams, “our source familiar with government revenue management stated.

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