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ST urges young Gambians to get voter’s cards

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Gambian Afro-Manding rap star, ST Brikama Boyo dished out advice to the young Gambians about the coming 2021 election on voter registration.

In an interview with an online media portal, ST stated:

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“My advice to the youths is for them to go and get their voter’s cards and cast them for their potential candidates because it’s a right and also a responsibility to vote. The Gambia is our own, we all have equal rights. I am also encouraging everyone to come out and vote because there are some that will just be making noise and when it is time to vote, they don’t and by not voting you didn’t make your choice of who you will want to be your leader and also giving a chance for an incompetent candidate to win. So let’s try and vote as the country is ours, and let’s make our choice.”

Fashion for cancer with SCAF

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Sainey’s Cancer Awareness Foundation is a charitable organisation that is four years old with the goal to end the stigmatisation and normalise the conversation attached to cancer.

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The foundation wants to get people to talk about it like it’s not a taboo and see it as just another normal sickness.

The foundation was officially launched on the 10th anniversary of the Yaws Fashion which also is a supporting body of the foundation with the slogan #fashionforcancer.

It is meant to create a space where people can come out and talk about their worries and well being focusing more on breast cancer, and also have consultation and recommendation about what to do.

Founder Ya Awa Conateh told Standard Lite: “In The Gambia, cancer is seen as a taboo and women don’t feel comfortable talking about it, and because of that, we feel the need to normalise it. By doing so, women will be able to talk about it, we conduct campaign at a region every year to sensitise people. We started with Kafuta, and then the other was done in Tujereng.”

She stated about the reason behind the creation of SCAF: “SCAF is formed to honour the death of my own sister, who died from breast cancer, her death affected me in such a way that I decided to turn my tragedy into triumph.”

Senegal’s death-defying albino musician

Maah Keita

By Lucia He

Meet Maah Keita, a 29-year-old musician who’s been using her music since she was old enough to play music to raise awareness about the struggles that people with albinism face both in Senegal and across Africa. One of those struggles common to many albinos? Visual impairment. Which had Keita, an autodidact, learning to play the bass guitar without being able to see very much of the bass guitar she was playing.

Which slowed her roll not at all and saw Keita and her brothers starting a band, Takeifa, that in short order moved from killing it in Senegal to touring internationally, opening for a who’s who of musical genius that’s included Tiken Jah Fakoly, Alpha Blondy, Femi Kuti, Daara J and Public Enemy. Top that with Senegalese singing superstar Baaba Maal guesting on Takeifa’s recent song Ndanane and you’ve got a solid musical win on your hands.

In 2012, Keita co-founded the Care Albinos association with her brothers with the aim of providing health resources, skin care products and psychological support to albinos in Senegal, many of whom suffer from cancer. The organization also leads campaigns to raise awareness about albinism in Senegalese society more broadly.

Albinos in Senegal and across Africa are constant victims of discrimination and violence. Attacks often include mutilations, rape, abductions and even murder, with families often complicit in the violence. In many countries in Africa, albino body parts are used by witch doctors for their supposed powers, or, conversely, albinos are shunned or killed for being “cursed.” Since 2006, there have been several hundred killings and other human rights violations against people with albinism, according to the nonprofit Under the Same Sun, which conducts charity work and advocacy for albinos.

“For years, nobody spoke of albinism here in Senegal. It was a taboo subject,” Keita says. “There’s not really been a positive discourse with respect to albinism, and that’s what albinos need.”

So far, Keita’s Care Albinos organisation has helped more than 5,000 persons with albinism and has partnered with the United Nations and the Open Society Foundation, all while tearing up stages and studios with Takeifa’s twisting take on Wolof vocals, rock and hip-hop. Which is your cue to listen and learn.

KS is back with a new banger: MY TIME

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One of The Gambia’s young talents, Sulayman Jobe popularly known as KS, has reintroduced himself in the music game with a brand-new banger My Time which is a new Afro swing single that defines odds and life struggles of people.

KS blends the beautiful traditional sound of Senegambia with the rich UK style Afrobeat, hip hop, and dancehall.

He is currently making waves home and abroad. His latest recognition solidifies his relations with artistes like Kombonka. He sang other prominent songs such as Vybe, Sweetest Taboo, and My Life.

Being inspired by contemporary singers such as Jon Bellionn, Sin Jays, Kojo Funds, Dappy, and Burna Boy.

“We are going to do our thing and then walk away, with no regrets. It’s been a great ride but now it’s time to pull over and enjoy the view. We want to thank the fans for sticking with us for all these years. It is my time and the song is also your time. Let’s rejoice together and celebrate Gambian music,” KS said in a press briefing.

Omah Lay reacts after receiving massive love from his fans in Gambia

Omah Lay

By Andy Ashong

Young Nigerian musician, Stanley Omah Didiah who is widely known as Omah Lay has taken to social media to show his appreciation to his fans and followers in The Gambia.

The talented award-winning musician showed his appreciation in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

Sharing a video of his recent performance in the West African country, he wrote;

“Thank you Gambia!!! Love you all … All 15,000 of you!!!”

Thank you Gambia!!! Love you all … All 15,000 of you!!!

— Omah Lay (@Omah_Lay) June 1, 2021

This comes after he revealed in a recent post that he will be dropping a new song soon.

This comes after he revealed that her fans and followers flooded him DM ‘begging’ him to release a new song.

He made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

The post he made reads:

“Drop a new song” all over my mentions, Mek I just jeje dey go back studio. For real I got you though, soon soon”.

This threw his fans and followers in an expectant mood and some of them even reacted to the post. Some of these reactions are:

@miless077 – Can’t wait music is what keep us going in this country.

@PraiseNba – Bro please feature me in it I’m upcoming make the world still hear some new voices.

@CnPokerFace – We know say you dey Godly.

Just that Pronto(ING) dey disturb you all this while.

Give us something with a miss of infinity and Godly vibes my Brother.

@LaricaErica – Some of us want a whole album though…and I really really want you and @temsbaby in a song. Like a joint EP or anything.

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