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The A-Team Gambia band

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The A Team band is a West African premium modernized live concert that consists of four people with verse knowledge in entertainment, making music using advance digital platforms to enhance the quality of the live band experience.

Speaking to Standard Lite, the band leader Joseph, commonly known as Jlive said A-Team is one-and-a-half-year old since it was formed, with the aim to promote new perspectives in entertaining people through virtual connection.

“Our ultimate goal for the semi live performance is to help promote our own talents to the world, as we know we are in the 21st century and technology plays crucial part in our world. People use digital devices to connect and entertain themselves.”

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Jlive said the response has been good but still some stumbling blocks persist.

He said some Gambian artists are not convinced “the virtual live performance” is a good way to entertain fans. “Not knowing that the semi live season is such a common thing in both African and other countries and we are currently trying to convince them. If those people could make it work, we can also do the same.”

Despite the challenge, the A-Team band performed the best of the best live show, “in which we brought in Gambia’s finest artists; ST, Jizzle, Attack, Nobles, ENC, Oboy and Gambian Child and many more. We promoted the show and did a semi live marsh up with each of the artists by taking the cover chorus of their songs, then we brought in the vocal part and played on it. It was all done to help promote Gambian talents. Although there were complaints that the selection was gender bias as no female artist was included, we promise for a change in our next sessions.”

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He concluded by detailing how they work as a team to bring out impressive outcome. “We use backing tracks e.g., if an artist cannot get hundred percent view from his live performance and you have a band that cannot get a certain number of people to play what is in the song, what we do with is, I will make sure that I assemble the backing track with the instruments in the song and then we will play on top of it. The band will play 70percent and the backing track play 30 percent,” he said.

D’Ous is back with another vinyl: Judge Yourself

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Pa Ousman Cham known as D’Ous, a rap artist, has dropped his latest EP titled Judge Yourself.

The EP consists of eight tracks that carry informative, educative, and entertaining message which every person could draw lessons from.

Speaking to Standard Lite, D’Ous explained why he picked judge yourself as his EP title.

“I believe that no one has the right to judge anyone because we are all not perfect. We are human beings and bound to make mistakes. We live in a society that people tend to be so judgmental, forgetting that they got flaws too,” he said.

D’Ous has been in the industry for a decade and worked with many producers. He was among the first Gambian rappers to participate in the rap battle contest in 2013, emerging 3rd in the competition.

Despite having so much experience and talent in the music, D’Ous laments that “the selfishness is always there. Those involved in it know the biasness that happens in the game and that’s my general view.”

D’Ous has since managed to work independently and finance his music with the help of his team and close associates.

Singer Seun Kuti shades Wizkid not being Grammy nominee

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Nigerian award-winning singer, Wizkid has finally received his award plaque, achieving a record feat at the 63rd Grammy Awards, bagging the Best Music video award for his collaboration with Beyonce in the song Brown skin girl. He took to his Instagram story to flaunt his trophy.

This came after singer Seun Kuti stated that it’s wrong to consider Nigerian artistes who are nominated as a result of featuring in a song with international artistes as Grammy nominees.

According to him, only four Nigerian artistes; Burna Boy, his brother, Femi Kuti, King Sunny Ade and himself have been nominated for the prestigious awards.

“There are four artists in Nigeria that have ever been nominated for Grammys. I’m one of them. They are only four! Forget all these people you are attaching on featuring. When you are featured, you are not nominated; it’s not your song.

Only four artists! My brother, me and Burna, Sunny Ade; finish!  No other person in Nigeria; they are not doing it with Nigerian Flag.”

Nigerian comedian Zics Aloma flaunts new house

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Popular Instagram comedian, Zaloma Isaac Junior has taken to his social media page to celebrate becoming the latest landlord in town.

He shared a picture of the crib on his Insta-story with the caption, “God made me a landlord in such a short time, I am forever thankful to God.”

Zic Aloma, who hails from Abia state, has slowly become one of the hottest skit-makers on Instagram and his success is visible for all to see.

He once revealed that he auditioned for Nigerian Idols due to his passion for music, but it appears he found greener pastures in the comedy industry.

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