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MEN KNEW WE ARE STRONG PILLARS. -Flex Fuzion entertainment director

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As this month is dedicated to women, I will continue to celebrate all queens out there grinding in our own unique ways. Cheers to us!

Meet Ndey Fatou Jabang, founder and executive director of Flex Fuzion entertainment. The Gambia’s first dance company.

Flex Fuzion manages dancers and brands professionally; also focuses on training young people the skills and the art of dancing.

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Speaking to Standard Lite, Ndey Fatou said because of her penchant and dedication to dancing, she has a drive that keeps her going which is the “legacy I want to build and how I want to positively impact on the lives of young people in the sector. So whenever I see a situation where women are being marginalized, it serves as a source of motivation to keep going and it’s also my drive. I look at especially the young girls that look up to me in the same industry.”

She was elected as president of the Gambia Dance Association last year and will be serving in the position for 3 years.

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“It’s even harder now, because if you look at the Gambia union of theater executives, there are only two women; myself and the social secretary. So it is a male-dominated area but despite that, we are always doing our best to serve, because they (men) know we are strong pillars,” she said.

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She further told Standard Lite how it all started: “Before the inception of flex Fuzion, we started with an all-girls group called Afriq Divas that was only for women. That’s how we started. We used it to sensitize and build up whatever we wanted and that’s how it got us to where we are today. Then we brought in the dance company, which is Flex Fuzion now and under Flex Fuzion, we have different dance groups; cultural, modern, mixed boys and girls. Afriq Divas is also one of the groups that are being managed by flex Fuzion. It is a company that manages multiple dance groups.”

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Dance schools in partnership with YEP train dancers not just to be professionals but provides them vocational training to learn skills and serve as a backup career.

As communication is crucial in all aspects, they are provided with English tutors as well.

“Some of them didn’t go to school and if they want to stand firm for themselves and manage a whole brand, they should be at least able to have good communication skills,” she added.

ST Brikama Boyo meets President Barrow

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One of Gambia’s best Afro-manding rappers, ST Brikama Boyo, posted on his Facebook page about his visit to the seat of power in Banjul.

The rap sensation met President Adama Barrow to discuss the general challenges facing the entertainment industry, as well as his charity. He informed the president about his community development and other areas his foundation is focusing on.

“My foundation is not political and not issue-specific as we intervene and help address the most pressing challenges local communities and young people struggle with often,” he wrote.

He divulged the agenda for his foundation this year is to sensitize youths about the hazards attributed to drug abuse; and how to curb the misuse of drugs and substances among young people in our communities. He described the situation as a social menace that could be linked to the increase of petty crimes and other social vices.

He wrote: “There are so many creative and talented youths out there, we need to channel their energy to positivity in order for them to become productive citizens.” He said music and art will be a great starting point for them.

ST threw some suggestions to President Barrow about the solutions to the problems bedeviling the music industry: “We need proper sound system, a music theater, and intellectual property protection for the industry to gain recognition.”

Reacting to the rapper, President Barrow appreciated the strides made by Gambian artists.

He assured ST that his government will continue to support music and talent. He also revealed the art industry has received unprecedented budget allocation this year.

Actress Rosy Meurer slaying with her postpartum body

A week since giving birth to her first child, Rosy has taken to social media to flaunt amazing postpartum body.

The actress, who recently welcomed her son, shared her photos on Instagram with the words “strive not to be a success but rather to be of value.”

Fans have taken to social media to gush over her flawless body despite child birth. In response, Rosy stated maintaining her flawless body was one of her fears and she’s glad it turned better than she expected.

She wrote: “Yes Mama, was one of my fears but turned out better than I expected, and sooner too.”

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