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Omid Wisdom gets international plaudits after releasing new banger

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Sekou Dibbasey, commonly known by his stage name Omid Wisdom, is a Gambian musician, producer and creative director at Golden Dust who has been making bigger moves in the music scene, with his exquisite talent of afro dancehall and afro fusion sounds.

He currently released his most talked-about song titled Omar Colley which is featured in international media platforms including: World Africa Week, BCC focus on Africa, and on GLife Magazine.

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Omid, touted to be among those with the most amazing voices that every music lover will tap their feet for, is also as described “most multi- talented, multilingual and multifaced star in the Gambian music scene.” Despite his astounding talent in music, Omid is a TV host, and an actor who has been giving people “world class movies.”

As BCC Focus on Africa- Esau Williams introduced him in his edition on the 26th May, 2021; a “fresh young talent exploding into the artistic stage.” While giving premieres of his new song 3 days before release.

The song Omar Colley is an explosive afro drill melodic rap song that captivates music lovers both nationwide and beyond. The song is centered on too fundamental pillars which is determination, and professionalism “being two key ingredients to nation building for Gambians and Africa at large.”

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The song talks about a Gambian footballer playing defense for Sampdoria in Italy embodying such an exemplary “determination and professionalism”.

The song also carries a celebratory mood towards the Gambian Scorpions team for qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time in the history of football in The Gambia.

The football star Omar Colley shows his appreciation for the new release and took to his Instagram page calling the song “a great hit” and “the perfect gift.”

It was releasedunder his independent brand, wisdom worldwide which will be available soon on streaming platforms. Omid wisdom is an artist signed under money empire record label that has in store an EP and Album to be released collaboratively further this year.

Rosy Meurer celebrates 3-month- old son

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Yaayy! King is already three months old! Gambian Nollywood actress took to her Instagram to celebrate her three months old son (King Churchills).

The actress who welcomes her first child in March this year, with businessman and philanthropist, Olakunle Churchill, described the past three months as “the best three months” of her life as she experiences doing “the mother thing.”

She shared a beautiful picture of her with the caption “my king is 3 months today, best 3 months of my life. God is great, King Churchills 3 months.” 

In her celebratory mood, the actress shared a video on Instagram to show a loved-up moment between her and her husband. Rosy who never misses any opportunity to flaunt her heartthrob shared the loved-up moment with the online community.

In the video, her husband Churchill walked up to her as she makes dinner and held her waist. He then pulled her in for a hug and cuddled her for a while before leaving her to continue cooking.

“I feel sorry for women who get into marriage for money” actress Ruth Kadiri

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Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri took to her Instagram page to advise single ladies what the core value of marriage are, while sharing her thought on what makes a marriage work.

According to her, PEACE is the only factor that makes a marriage work.

She asserted that a married woman who has peace in her home is richer than a woman who marries a billionaire without peace.

Ruth added that she feels sorry for ladies who go into marriage because of money, saying they will never be happy in that marriage,

She wrote: ”I have heard many say I want a rich husband, I want a God-fearing man, I want this and I want that. Yet, I’ve never seen one person ask the only thing that can make their union work, PEACE. I feel sorry for sisters who go into marriages, unions for money. Oh, I feel sorry for you.

Some claim I have my money. I just want a man who has more money. Others down right in their hearts they do not have enough to take care of themselves so they want someone who will meet their needs, they themselves cannot meet. Not judging you. Please my sister, add peace of mind to that list. I repeat PEACE of mind should come before money.

A married woman who has peace at home is richer than a woman who married a billionaire without peace. Also, please note that a single girl you’re bound to have more value for money than you would when you are married. So, if you go into marriage because your spouse is rich, regardless of what they spend on you, you are most likely not going to be happy.”

MLB unveils debut EP ‘Levels’ on digital platforms  


Modou Lamin Beyai, a Germany-based Gambian afropop Reggae dancehall artiste, known by his stage name MLB, has released his debut Extended Play, EP, titled ‘Levels’ consisting of seven tracks available on all digital platforms.

The EP is produced by Jlive music and depicts informative, entertaining and educative messages.

Speaking to Standard Lite, MLB revealed that the song preaches love, unity, encouraging young people to stardom and also paying tribute to his late dad.

The tracks include ‘One question’, ‘Di Papa’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Rock your body’, ‘Da One’, ‘Levels’, and ‘Come my place’. With one video of high quality currently making waves in TV stations in Gambia and beyond.

MLB was living in London Corner in The Gambia where talent is abundant among the youths and that was the best experience for him.

Been a young boy, this place taught him lot about the struggles and realities of life, because of this, he is always proud of what this place has made him become.

Music is his everyday life. The feeling of joy when he is singing or listening to good music is unimaginable. Music disappears all his worries so one could say yes music is his strength.

MLB started music at a very young age, inspired by his late father, OUSMAN BEYAI a guitarist, songwriter, composer, arranger and sound engineer. His father was also a member of the great Ifan-bondi Band and played with music veterans like Jaliba Kuyateh, Abdul Kabirr (Lie Ngum) the late Paps Touray, Musa Afia Ngum and Yankuba Saho.

However, being the first and only son, his father desired him to do music at a very early age. Coming to Gambia for his frequent holidays, his father will always ask ‘when are you going to start your guitar lessons’ but as a teenager growing up in The Gambia in a place called London Corner, all his dream was to become a professional soccer player and showed so much passion to it but his father always encouraged and sowed the love of music in his
heart. There is no way he could escape music.

Singing became his hobby at a very early age and his father was like “it’s your way, you can’t escape it “, sadly his father passed away in 2014.

Professionally, MLB started music in 2019 but he knew music was going to be a life time career for him in the early 2014 and as well understands it is genetics. Getting into the real music business, he began as a mobile DJ in 2010, in the process his aim was to be a music composer and producer.

Merck Foundation initiatives song and film awards

Merck Foundation through the Office of the First Lady, Her Excellency Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow, together with the National Center for Arts and Culture, is giving Gambians in the entertainment industry the opportunity to participate in the Merck Foundation song and film awards under the slogan “More than A Mother”.

The purpose of the competition is for singers, film makers, dramatists to portrait and create awareness about girl’s empowerment, infertility, breaking infertility stigma in our societies through their music and movies they create.

All artists are eligible to participate and submit their songs on the theme before 30 August 2021 by email to: [email protected] and [email protected].

Prizes ranging from 500, 700 AND 1000 US dollars will be given to winners! So go grab the opportunity if you are legible!

“The NCAC is ready and willing to offer further advice on this matter to enable Gambian musicians submit formidable entries and win the prizes!’

Merck foundation is a philanthropic arm of Merck KGA Germany, that was established in 2017 to empower women through access to education and change of mindset of mindset. In partnership with African First Ladies, Ministries of Health, information, Education, and Gender, Academia, policymakers, international fertility societies, Media and Arts. The initiative also provide training for fertility specialists and Embryological to build and advance fertility care capacity in Africa and developing countries.”

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