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Star FM commemorates 10th anniversary

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Established in September 2012 by Hagie Baniko Sissoko, a respected businessman and philanthropist, Star FM has been commemorating 10 years of existence.

The radio, managed by Alpha Karaga as CEO, has risen to be one of the most listened to stations in the country. 

“Star FM radio prides itself for playing a vital role in disseminating quality news especially in local languages by reviewing newspapers, though there were a lot of challenges during the former regime in the media and during the political impasse when we played a big role especially with the voice of late Sarjo Barrow,” CEO Karaga said.

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He commended his staff and the present and past management for their hard work and dedication to the institution.

“Special thanks go to our sponsors, customers and listeners and most especially to the family of our late veteran Sarjo Barrow who would have been with us today to celebrate together. We will always remember him in our prayers because he played a big role in bringing the radio here,” he said.

Mr Karaga also thanked Nfally Fadera, who also served as producer of the Mandinka news.

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“We also extend our heartfelt congratulations to the families of the late Sering Tunkara (Dj Indiana) and DJ Karl. We also thank Yusupha Darboe, Satang Saho, Omar Tunkara and Saidou Camara and everybody who played or continues to play a part in the development of the radio,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the radio’s proprietor, Haji Baniko Sissoho surprised the management with two brand new pick-up trucks.

The trucks were presented by Chief Executive Officer Alpha Karaga assisted by his deputy Haruna Sissoho. Mr Karaga extolled the radio’s management for their loyalty and service.

He appreciated managing director Sara Camara, Papa Touray, Campo Jatta, Alasana Bah and Pa Nderry Touray.

“Finally, I commend the current government under the leadership of President Barrow for granting us a TV license when he came to power in 2018,” he added.

The Star FM managing director, Sara Camara said: “I would like to thank the Proprietor and his brothers for the support they have given to me and my management team.

“The radio started very small and the promise was to make the station one of the best and most listened to radio stations in the country and that promise has been achieved to the extent of establishing a TV station,” Mr Camara said.

He thanked the staff of the institution past and present for their hard work and commitment towards the institution.

“The customers have been very outstanding in their support towards the success of the institution,” he added.

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