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Star witness Nogoi Njie starts testimony in NIA 9 case

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Solo Sandeng full 1

By Mafugi Ceesay

Nogoi Njie, one of the most high-profile fellow detainees of the late Solo Sandeng, has started testifying as a prosecution witness in the case of NIA officials standing trial for the murder of Sandeng.
In a brief appearance, Nogoi, who is a senior member of the women’s wing of the UDP, introduced herself to the court presided over by Justice Kumba-Sillah as a diehard supporter of the UDP. She said she has five daughters and several grandchildren. She further informed the court that she was born in 1965, the very day Sir Dawda Jawara was made elected Prime minister, adding that until recently she was a very active business woman.
Nogoi informed the court that on 14 April, 2016 the late Solo Sandeng, late Lang Marong, Lamin Cham were among five others who paid her a visit and informed her of a meeting they intend to hold the following morning at the party’s bureau in Manjai-Kunda.
She said they asked her to bring four other people along to the meeting, which she said she did. She said she and her companions went to the bureau at around 8am the following morning but on arrival they were informed that the meeting was over.
Nogoi continues testimony today.

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